Training has never been so much fun!

Take training sessions to a whole new level with the use of an Interactive White Board. The audience is involved, focused and engaged in truly interactive sessions. Your material comes to life with the use of online resources, video material, and collaborative software. Add a voting system and gauge the views and understand of your audience immediately. This gives positive and lively feedback to your sessions. Play games, challenges and real life simulation to add a fun element to the material.

The record mode enables sessions to be saved, reviewed and shared instantaneously.

Plug & Play technology enables anyone to connect and use the eRed3 within minutes. Outsourced trainers, visitors, participants can simply connect the USB and present.

Larger venues can save money and inconvenience by using a mobile stand solution. Simply wheel the board from room to room, enabling function rooms to become conference rooms within minutes. Participants from other locations can join in and view the same material, even the CEO can make a presentation from their office or even their yacht.

Engage the audience!
Increases audience participation and focus
Makes training fun and interactive
Instantaneous review and feedback
Involve participants from off-site locations

Interactive Content
Use multimedia content
Search the internet; use Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Prezi etc...
Add a voting system for immediate assessment
Play games, challenges and trials to add that fun element

Improve efficiency
No set-up required, simple plug and play technology
Connect any computer for immediate use
Record, save and share files
2GB built in memory
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