About Us

Mastervision Interactive is part of the Bi-silque group

The leading specialist manufacturer of visual communication products. Supplying to more than 50 countries in 5 continents and doing so for almost 40 years.

Our proven track record of innovation, quality and service has enabled us to become the chosen partner for many of the world’s leading brands. Our production capacity reaches over 40,000 boards per day; ranging from a simple hand held white board, to a technologically advanced interactive whiteboard.

But what makes Mastervision Interactive different?

Decades of experience in producing traditional white boards enables us to understand the use, application and demands of the board itself. At the heart of any interactive white board, is the board itself. Other companies may have focused on the software and sensing technology before the physical board. Our strategy has created a solution that is of the highest quality, accuracy and responsiveness; providing the ultimate user friendly experience.
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