The meeting room of the future, today.

Meetings come alive when using an interactive whiteboard, as everyone is engaged, focused and involved. You are able to use all the programs on your computer such as PowerPoint, Excel, Google, Skype all with a touch of your finger. Meetings and presentations can be saved to your computer, for sharing with your team, eliminating the distraction of note taking.

Design and marketing reviews take on a different dimension as a group can view and manipulate the program rather than huddled around a screen or piece of paper.

Remote offices and workers can join the same meeting and view the same presentation, simultaneously. Capture the entire team's creativity and ideas and share them in an instant. The team will feel more motivated and involved in decision making, which increases efficiency and drive.

Ideal for
Training and conferences
Meetings and presentations
Design and marketing reviews
Software training
Remote working
Video Conferencing

Works with any program on your computer
Input with your finger, pointer or pen
3 in 1 solution, its a interactive whiteboard, a dry-erase board and a projection screen

Save time and money
Increase efficiency
Improved team work
Impressive presentations
Save work instantaneously
Professional modern tool
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