Bi-Bright joins to Millennium@Edu to promote learning through technology

The Millennium@Edu project aims to improve the opportunities for a new generation of education, through the modernization of the education system and access to technology.

Bi-Bright, Mastervision brand in the North-American market, joined the Millennium@Edu project has as its main objective the promotion of learning through technology, creating conditions and opportunities for the modernization of the educational system and equal access to the benefits of the latest technologies, by students and teachers.

The Millennium@Edu program has the support of the largest technology companies in the world, committed to cooperate to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and universal access to information technology, contributing for an info-included society.

It’s a project, worldwide, which aims to involve more than 15 million students around the world and that is aligned with the vision and commitment of Bi-Bright in the modernization of the education system and the institution of pedagogical practices that capitalize the use of technology and its benefits.

Having a role in terms of promoting ITS solutions, particularly in the areas of training and education, Bi-Bright joined the Millennium@Edu project aiming to promote higher skills and technological abilities for the 21st century, with pupils and teachers.
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