Later Years

The classroom of the future the lesson is in your hand

Learning gets more diverse and tougher as we get older, as subjects get more in depth and challenging. Lessons are no longer simply preached by a lecturer at the front of the class. They are interactive, dynamic and multi format; with children more engaged than ever before.

Subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics and geometry take on a whole new dimension as the class are able to truly interact with the resources. Geography lessons can literally travel the world with the use of Google Earth, Weather sites, and mapping software.

High school projects in Design and Technology, Marketing, and the arts become interactive with the entire class able to get involved; sharing ideas views and suggestions.

Involve the whole class room
Save, share and print material
Increases confidence, teamwork and inclusion
Achieve more with technology enabled spaces

3 in 1 solution – Interactive Whiteboard,
Dry-erase board and projection screen

Eliminates the need for separate whiteboard or screen
Vast array of online resources
Use with voting systems for instant assessment and feedback

Easy to use product that works with all the
software that you are already familiar with
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