MasterVision Interactive iRED+ Infrared Board *

The Infrared Board offers a multi-touch technology developed by MasterVision Interactive, allowing a real multi-touch and multiuser experience. This technology was designed to take better advantage of the board and the time spent in the classroom, offering greater precision and resolution of the contents. Ease of use, calibration and interoperability allows a greater interaction with all platforms on the market.

*Coming Soon

Technichal Specifications

Screen Size: 78”, 88”, 96”
Technology: Infrared
Resolution: 4096 x 4096
Precision: ± 2mm
Minimum touch target size: 5mm
Response time: First touch: 25 ms
Continuous touch: 8 ms
Power: <1W
OS: Windows/Mac/Linux/Android
Plug&Play: Yes (for all OS's)
Multi-touch: Yes (only for Windows) - 6 touches
Power Requirements: USB
Interface: USB
Software: Compatible with any software installed in computer
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